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MARIANNE (Netflix)

The first 5 episodes are jam-packed with unique shocks and scares in this story of a witch possibly conjured by a series of books. Admittedly, it meanders a bit towards the end, but manages to land a super satisfying finale.

The french cast is remarkable, elevating horror beyond schlock into real human drama and featuring great lady bangs.


Plus, the subtitles keep me off my phone.



I've never been a country music kinda guy, but still have always been incredibly drawn to Dolly.

Turns out I'm not alone. Now in her 5th decade of touring, Dolly's under-50 fanbase has inexplicably exploded in the past 10 years. 

This series covers her life and rise to fame, her uniquely broad appeal, her delicate relationship with politics, and her unbelievably prolific catalog of music.

Jad Abumrad (of Radio Lab, admittedly never my favorite) sometimes meanders too far into his personal biography, but episode 3's exploration between Appalachian folk music and traditional musical idioms across the Middle East and Africa is super worthwhile.


ALL OF US (by Labrinth)

If you watched Euphoria on HBO (also recommended), you know this song.

Wait for the gospel choir to drop.

Just. You. Wait.


ARIZONA (by Ms. White)

"How come I don't have the code to your front door by now" may be the question of our time.

Features some NSFW lyrics. Sorry Mom.