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Coding + Data


In its fourth year and having expanded to three Chicago-area locations, Codeverse was making steady progress on its mission to "teach one billion kids to code."

Prior to the launch of their first direct-to-consumer at-home coding​ product, I was enlisted to clarify their revenue streams and calculate their customer lifetime value.

The monthly customer cohort model I coded using SQL eventually located almost $40,000 in misallocated monthly revenue and allowed the CFO to update his growth projections before their annual board meeting.

Additionally, I built a new customer dashboard that allowed the studio managers to compare their own records against centralized payment history, ensuring that we were accurately tracking and supporting all new members.

Growth and Analytics Intern

Spring 2019

SEO Scholars

SEO Scholars, a legacy after-school program for low-income NYC public school students founded during the Civil Rights era, brought me on to redesign their staff recruitment in hopes of consistently attracting more top-tier talent.

In telling their story to prospective hires, content was certainly not the problem. SEO had unmatched results in the space, and long and detailed analysis chronicling their effectiveness. But that was exactly the problem I identified through my research - it was always presented at great length and in exhaustive detail. 

I realized what was missing was a birds-eye-view snapshot that could help the uninitiated—whether prospective parents, students, or staff—quickly and visually understand what SEO stood for.


I designed and laid out this data infographic highlighting four key impact areas, collaborating with a graphic designer on the final version. It was ultimately not only included with all job postings, but also distributed widely at student recruiting events.

Education Pioneers Fellowship

Summer 2016

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