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Branding + Design

The Living Book Company

The two founders of The Living Book Company, a revolutionary voice-activated e-reading technology, had a lot going for them: an innovative product, a confirmed patent, and several curious investors.

What they lacked was a clear narrative and a compelling pitch. I was brought on to define their branding guidelines and build a pitch deck that would inspire investors to depart with their most treasured resource: cash.

After exploring a series of color stories, we settled on one inspired by the primary colors overlaid with vintage 70's nostalgia, helping to make their future-looking product at once familiar and timeless.

I then took their existing pitch documents and used them to wireframe a simpler narrative, focused on parents' pressing desire for digital reading solutions and highlighting the open market space for this product.

The final product is still being finalized, but feel free to enjoy the most current version. The founders' contact information is included as well, if you're looking to part with any of your cash.

Creative Consultant

Fall 2019

Narrative Wireframe Samples

Moodboard + Branding

Final(ish) Pitch Deck

Logo Design

In designing our logo, I searched for a clean, approachable aesthetic that felt simultaneously novel and familiar.

Our chosen font, Quicksand, featured playful rounded geometry which was reflected also by our signature balloon icon.

Scroll through to see how I applied the igby color palette and implemented our logo across product and web design.

Imagery + Social Media

We focused on imagery that evoked surprise and delight—balloons, confetti, sparklers. All were overlaid with our warm, retro palette to make  them seem immediately inviting and cohesive.


When describing the product, we avoided images of human faces to encourage customers to imagine themselves and their friends in our igby environments.

Additionally, I built a full instagram presence prior to our pitch to build anticipation among our audience of investors. On the day of the pitch, a photobooth allowed users to directly engage with the igby aesthetic and appear on our instagram feed.

Product Voice

I created igby's voice to project our core brand attributes: freshness, fun and irreverence.


Our web presence speaks clearly without taking itself too seriously.



I've always been an avid doodler. I never thought twice about my creations, regarding them as merely a mindless activity to prevent the eventual onset of senility. 

But during my MBA, and the countless hours of lecture time it entailed, I was overwhelmed by the encouragement I got from peers who observed my absent-minded habit.

During the pandemic, I decided to transform my hobby into an actual practice, launching an instagram channel to both hold me accountable to daily updates and allow me to share my creations with friends near and far. 

To see the full collection, follow me on Instagram at barry.doodles

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