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Ethnographic + Market Research




Interview Synthesis

After our stakeholder interviews for the client—a women's nonprofit—I built this document to both a) codify emerging relevant themes and
b) celebrate the generosity and insight of the people with whom we had chatted.

The CEO reported back her delighted surprise at how aligned her board members were along several key strategic priorities, which she had not previously appreciated.

Competitive Landscape

Our client, an urban social club, wanted greater context on where they fit in the broader competitive landscape.


Shown here are two iterations of a landscape analysis. The first features a strategic vantage point, placing our client among larger market trends. The second is from a customer perspective, illustrating the various organizations competing for limited free time.

Funding Ecosystem

In addition to a 10-page "Giving Landscape" I assembled to support the CEO's fundraising for her women's nonprofit, I also created these funding ecosystems of potential investors and collaborators.


The goal was to present the information not only as a literature review, but more so as a comprehensive synthesis of the wide-ranging market opportunities available, depending on how she decided to position her organization.

assorted snapshots

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